As well as piercings, we also sell professional body jewellery made from the highest quality of metal (titanium & surgical steel). We have lots of different styles of jewellery available.
maidstone piercing and tattoo
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maidstone piercing and tattoo
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Body Art Maidstone
Body Art Maidstone have been providing quality piercings since 1995. We are a very small family run business.
We aim to achieve the highest quality piercings and tattoos for our clients. We are very strict in Health and Safely as well as aftercare. With an NVQ level 3 in Health and Safety, we take this very seriously as it's the most important part when getting a piercing/tattoo. 
All of our piercers are professionally trained and have years experience within their field.
If you wish to enquire, please click on the contact link above for further information.
maidstone piercing and tattoo
A very warm thanks to our customers who have been coming to us for over 10 years and now bring their children in with them.
Body Art, 52 Gabriel's Hill, Maidstone, ME15 6JJ
T: 01622 202236